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Choosing the perfect Domain name! Must –Do list!

Choosing the perfect Domain name! Must –Do list!

The domain name you choose for your next business is one of the most important decisions you have to make.
It’s supposed to be short, memorable, and catchy. Easy to pronounce and spell.
To have the same name in all places is a key benefit when you build your online presence.

An important step to start is to check and see if it’s available as a Username in all the major social media networks.

Trust and Credibility


These are the two issues why you want your username to be consistent and memorable. It’s like a sign that your business is legitimate.

A great tool you can use is to search if your desired username is available.

When your desired username is available, it appears in green. If it is in grey it’s already taken.

Here you have another tool to do the same:

Which are the ones you need to find available to proceed? well… at least Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and Google+

If the one you pick is available, don’t wait, and register all usernames now!!!
What to do if it is not available everywhere?

Brainstorm Names Time!


You can try to create a short version of your domain name, or use a combination of the domain first letters, or the country, or maybe the industry. Be creative!!

Can be something like: MyIdeasfromMK / MIFMK / MyIdeasFMK / etc
Character restrictions can be frustrating, twitter only accept names with 15 characters at the most (have this in mind). The objective is to get one close enough to the one you want!

If none of these options work for you, you can use one of these tools to help you, choose a new domain:

Do not feel discouraged if you do not get your first pick!
A great an Unique domain is waiting for you. This selection it’s important because it creates a solid foundation for you next business Project!

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