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Rebrand – When and why?

Rebrand – When and why?

Rebranding is a difficult process for any business.  You need to have in mind if your target audience change in time?
If you are having trouble outshining your competition, or if your brand/name is attracting the wrong customers.

If one of these is your case, rebranding can be a wise decision for your business.

A rebranding should give as a result a consistent and more important message that cultivates the right loyal customers!

It’s not just about pretty images! You need to create a concept attached to your new brand. And spread that concept with consistent messages.

A consistent message


It will give your brand personality.

A consistent message it’s going to increases engagement and stand out on their minds.

Don’t damage your brand with confusing messages.

Be reliable about posting frequencies over social media! Even if you don’t have a lot to say! 😉


Before you get to your visual identity you need to do a lot of research.

A great tool to check your brand, product or username is

This page will let you evaluate yourself against multiple other businesses, and to check if our brand/name is creating any confusion.

Visual Identity


Always the first step is a new logo! This one is the core of your entire new brand. This is why you need to respect it. But is not just about looking good so…

– Create guidelines on how to use it.

– Respect colors and the entire color palette that the designer chose for it.

– Use similar layouts across website and social media.

– Similar colors, similar elements and similar rules!

All your visuals need to be consistent with your new brand. Visual cohesion in business cards, website, flyers, social media, etc.

Respect the Fonts!


A wise advice is to use two or a maximum of three fonts on your entire identity. NO MORE! Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!

Choosing a great font is essential to apply in heading, subheading and body. The right font can define the message tone of your brand.

Here you have a great tool to choose some Beautiful Google Fonts combinations and pairs.


Spread the word!


Show off your new identity all over your social media, but remember as well to talk about the rebranding, it’s a great opportunity to get feedback from your followers.

Successfully pulling a rebrand off is not an easy job, but if you do it carefully, it can give you the refreshing stroke that your business needs.

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